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Uji Cha Dojo “Takumi-no-Yakata” Service Sweets / Cafe Tea / Souvenirs

Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Uji Cha Dojo “Takumi-no-Yakata”
  • Uji Cha Dojo “Takumi-no-Yakata”
  • Uji Cha Dojo “Takumi-no-Yakata”
  • Uji Cha Dojo “Takumi-no-Yakata”
  • Uji Cha Dojo “Takumi-no-Yakata”

Its uniqueness makes “Takumi-no-Yakata” a cafe of its own. Please have a relaxing moment and a surprising experience alongside the Ujigawa river.

A cafe where visitors can have a mind-blowing experience alongside the Ujigawa river.
Our Japanese tea instructor will thoroughly explain how to make tea. Please enjoy the taste of tea that you made on your own. We have other activities, such as tea making lecture and tea-tasting game. We accept group reservations as well.

17-1 Uji Matafuri, Uji City
20 seats (group reservation available for max. 36 persons)
Cafe menu ¥500~
Activities ¥1,000~ per person
Activities (tea making lecture, tea-tasting game)
Every Wednesday, the new year’s holidays
Available (7 cars)
Cafe: We take group reservations of up to 36 persons.
Please make a reservation for tea making activity and tea-tasting game.
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