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Koshoji (temple) Sightseeing Spots

Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Koshoji (temple)
  • Koshoji (temple)
  • Koshoji (temple)
  • Koshoji (temple)
  • Koshoji (temple)

Fresh greens in spring, leafy shades in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn. The silent precincts surrounded by the sight that keeps weaving its history and “Kotosaka”.

Koshoji, a famous temple (Soutoushu), was founded by its founder, Dougen. In 1649, it was reconstructed at its current location, which used to be Asahi Tea Bushes (one of the seven best tea bushes of Uji), by Nagai Naomasa, the head of the Yodo Castle back then. The main temple is said to be the remains of the Fushimi castle, and enshrined in Tenjikudo is the “Tenarai Kannon”, which used to be enshrined at “Tenarai-no-to (the reamins of Uji Jucho from the Tale of Genji)”. It is a popular sightseeing spot along with “Kotosaka”.

27-1 Uji yamada, Uji City
Worship time
9:00~17:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Admission fee
Please make a reservation for groups
Zasen taiken(Activity)¥500, Syakyo¥1,000
Closed on
1/1,2,3, 9/28, 12/1~12/4
May be closed on other days depending on the schedule
Available 30cars
Please make a reservation for groups

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