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Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi Sannyu Main Branch
  • Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi Sannyu Main Branch
  • Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi Sannyu Main Branch
  • Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi Sannyu Main Branch
  • Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi Sannyu Main Branch

Founded in the Tensho period, Mitsuboshien has been a tea shop of history and tradition that used to present tea to the shogun families. Customers can learn the tastes and history of tea in the shop.

On the 1st floor is a cafe where customers can drink Matcha, and on the 2nd floor is a reference room filled with documents about Uji tea. In the reference room, we are showing our investigation results on the history and culture of Uji tea and documents about Kanbayashi Sannyu for free. In our tea room, “Sankyuan”, customers can try making Matcha with tea leaves that cost ¥50,000 a kilogram.

27-2 Uji Renge, Uji City
45 seats (group reservation available)
Green tea, Matcha sweets, snacks
Open throughout the year
Available (2 cars)
Wi-Fi and Internet
Available (free Wi-Fi)
Smoking area available
Please make a reservation for Mathca-making activity in advance. We can take up to 50 guests at a time. English/Chinese/German speaking staff available. Tax-free service available.
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  • 宇治洋食屋カレー



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    畳の上でくつろぐ、 そんな贅沢な時間をつくりませんか

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