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Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Uji City teahouse Taihoan
  • Uji City teahouse Taihoan
  • Uji City teahouse Taihoan
  • Uji City teahouse Taihoan
  • Uji City teahouse Taihoan

An authentic teahouse that was built to revitalize Uji tea and popularize the way of tea.

Taihoan was named after the direction it is facing; it stands relative to Hoo-do of Byodoin. We serve authentic Uji tea with seasonal confectioneries. Please stop by and have a relaxing break at Taihouan.

1-5 Uji Tougawa, Uji City
Approximately 30 seats
(The number of visitors may be limited for prevention of Coronavirus infection.)
Tea making activity
No (please use charged parking lots nearby)
Wi-Fi and Internet
No (smoking area available)
1 seat: ¥1,000 including a seasonal Japanese confectionery
Matcha Menu
Usucha ¥1,000
Set with Usucha and Koicha ¥3,000 (available only with a reservation of more than two persons made three days in advance from July to September and December to February)
Sencha Menu
Sencha ¥1,000
Gyokuro ¥1,400
Set with Gyokuro and Sencha ¥2,000 (please make a reservation three days in advance)
Otemae Activity
Matcha or Sencha ¥2,400 (please make a reservation three days in advance. Reservation OK from one person)

(Some items subject to restrict for prevention of Coronavirus infection.)
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