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Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Obakusan Mampuku-ji
  • Obakusan Mampuku-ji
  • Obakusan Mampuku-ji
  • Obakusan Mampuku-ji
  • Obakusan Mampuku-ji

The head temple of Zenshu Oubakushu, which was opened by a Chinese monk named Ingen in 1661.
Fucha dishes, with more than 300 years of history, are very popular.

Obakusan Mampuku-ji was founded by Ingen Ryuki, a Chinese monk, in 1661. In its huge precincts, Unsuis (buddhists who train themselves with severe principles) can still be seen training today. Standing side by side to the east and the west, Manpukuji has characteristics of a Chinese Zen temple from the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Fucha dishes, Chinese vegetarian dishes, are very popular for their gorgeous visual and rich protein/low calories.

34 Sanbanwari, Gokasho, Uji City
Worship time
300 seats
Admission fee
[1~30 persons]
Adult ¥500 / High school and university students ¥500 / Junior high school ¥300 / Elementary school ¥300
[30 persons~]
Adult ¥450 / High school and university students ¥300 / Junior high school ¥250 / Elementary school ¥200
Prayer fee
Please ask
Exhibition fee
[Bunkaden special exhibition] Adult ¥800 / Elementary school ¥300
Zazen 【More than 5 persons】(¥1,000), Shakei (¥2,000), Houwa (¥30,000~), Zen Daiaku, Shukuhaku experience
Closed on
Please contact us for the operating hours and dates for Bunkaden.
Available (100 cars)
Regular cars: ¥600 / Buses: ¥2,500 (20 buses)
Please make a reservation in advance for Fucha dishes (please make a reservation at least three days in advance to your visit)
Fucha boxed lunch 1 person~, Course menu 2 persons~
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