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Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Sumiyama Pottery
  • Sumiyama Pottery
  • Sumiyama Pottery
  • Sumiyama Pottery
  • Sumiyama Pottery

“Sumiyama - pottery village” where Kyoyaki/Shimizuyaki pottery ateliers stand next to each other.
Please enjoy the tradition of an ancient capital.

Sumiyama, located on the northern end of Uji, is a calm village with deep green colors. When Kyoto was the capital of Japan, many craftsmen moved to Sumiyama.
Today, there are about 50 pottery ateliers, and the craftsmen are making unique potteries with new ideas while preserving the tradition.
Visitors can take a look around each atelier and even purchase potteries they may find there.
There are pottery activities visitors can participate in as well. Please contact us for more details.

2-2 Hisada, Sumiyama, Uji City
Kyoyaki/Shimizuyaki pottery
Painting activity, tour, etc…
Closed on random days
Available for free
Please make a reservation for the pottery activity.
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