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  • お茶と宇治のまち歴史公園 茶づな

    お茶と宇治のまち歴史公園 茶づな


  • The Tale of Genji Museum

    The Tale of Genji Museum

    The only museum in the world that specializes in the Tale of Genj...

  • Uji bashi Bridge

    Uji bashi Bridge

    A historic bridge that is counted as one of the three most ancien...

  • Ujikami Shrine

    Ujikami Shrine

    The oldest shrine (that exists today) in Japan that was built in ...

  • Mt.Daikichiyama (Mt.Buttokusan)

    Mt.Daikichiyama (Mt.Buttokusan)

    From the observatory, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of By...

  • Hashihime Shrine

    Hashihime Shrine

    The guardian goddess of the Uji bridge with many legendary storie...

  • Uji-Shrine


    “Mikaeriusagi”, a messenger from god that guides people to the ri...

  • Fukujuen Ujicha Kobo

    Fukujuen Ujicha Kobo

    You can participate in a Uji tea making activity and enjoy dishes...

  • Byodoin


    A “cultural property of ancient Kyoto” (world heritage) that pres...

  • Fukujuen Uji Kissakan

    Fukujuen Uji Kissakan

    Please have a relaxing moment with Uji tea.

  • enstol⁺


    ものづくりをより身近に・・・。 「わくわくする瞬間」をみなさまにお届けします

  • Uji City teahouse Taihoan

    Uji City teahouse Taihoan

    An authentic teahouse that was built to revitalize Uji tea and po...

  • Uji City Sightseeing Center

    Uji City Sightseeing Center

    Uji City Sightseeing Center is located near Byodoin and Ujigami J...

  • Agata Shrine

    Agata Shrine

    A guardian shrine of Uji region. We hold a prefectural festival i...

  • Koshoji (temple)

    Koshoji (temple)

    Fresh greens in spring, leafy shades in summer, and autumn leaves...

  • Mimurotoji Temple

    Mimurotoji Temple

    Mimurotoji is widely known as the tenth place of pilgrimage of th...

  • ベリーファーム宇治



  • Obakusan Mampuku-ji

    Obakusan Mampuku-ji

    The head temple of Zenshu Oubakushu, which was opened by a Chines...

  • Hakusan Shrine

    Hakusan Shrine

    A shrine located on Shirakawa, a small mountain in Uji city, that...




  • Amagase Dam

    Amagase Dam

    An oasis that supports the local people’s lives. Please enjoy the...

  • Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)

    Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)

    One of the largest parks in Kyoto Prefecture with a wide variety ...

  • Uji City Botanical Park

    Uji City Botanical Park

    An oasis of flowers, greens, and water located to the west from T...

  • Sumiyama Pottery

    Sumiyama Pottery

    “Sumiyama - pottery village” where Kyoyaki/Shimizuyaki pottery at...

  • 宇治市総合野外活動センター「アクトパル宇治」



  • Merriest Village かさとぴあ

    Merriest Village かさとぴあ

    京滋バイパス笠取IC下車5分の好立地。 キャンプにBBQ、川遊び・・・。四季折々の大自然を満喫!

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