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Ishokuka style Yosshan Food

Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Ishokuka style Yosshan
  • Ishokuka style Yosshan
  • Ishokuka style Yosshan
  • Ishokuka style Yosshan
  • Ishokuka style Yosshan

Please try our popular menu, “beef gristle croquette”. Enjoy its unique texture that is different from normal croquettes. Try it without any sauce!

“From children to adults; all kinds of “delicious” exist in the world.” It is our strong wish to serve delicious dishes that put a smile on our customers’ face. Please enjoy our wide variety of dishes, each made with seasonal ingredients and best seasonings by hand. “Uji Chazuke (rice soaked in hot green tea with sea bream)” , a course menu with “beef gristle croquette”, and tiger globe fish dishes are highly recommended to try!

130-52 Oguracho Hasuike, Uji City
<Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays,Sundays>
<Friday and Saturday>
24 seats, 5 seats at counter, 2~8 seats at tables
Gyusuji croquette, Uji-style Chazuke (rice soaked in hot green tea), etc… (please go to our website for more details)
Available (1 car)
Please make reservations in advance for course menus.
We take group reservations. Private reservation is also available depending on the number of guests in the party. Children and families welcomed!
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