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Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)
  • Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)
  • Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)
  • Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)
  • Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (Taiyogaoka)

One of the largest parks in Kyoto Prefecture with a wide variety of facilities and rich nature! Visitors can enjoy swimming in the pool in summer!

We have many events in every season at Yamashiro Sogo Sports Park (27 times the size of a baseball stadium) where we have a stadium, baseball field, tennis court, pool, gymnasium, and a park. We are looking forward to seeing you!

1 Hachikenyadani, Hironocho, Uji City
April/September: 9:00~18:00
5/1~8/31: 9:00~19:00
10/1~3/31: 9:00~17:00
Family pool: Mid-July~Late-August
Exhibition fee
Free admission
*Family pool admission fee
Adult ¥1,000/High school ¥700/Elementary and Junior high school ¥450/Children (age of 4~) ¥100
Stadium, baseball field, tennis court, gymnasium, Kyudo dojo, family pool, various events, concerts, etc…
Every Thursday (except for holidays and family pool period)
The new year’s holidays (12/28~1/4)
Available 1,300 cars Regular cars: ¥400/Busses and bigger cars ¥1,500
- Baby room available (milk, diapers)
- Taking in food purchased outside allowed
- Toilet for physically challenged persons available (gymnasium, park)
- Seeing dogs, partner dogs allowed inside (some facilities not allowed)
- Wheelchair rental service (gymnasium, park)
- Barrier-free restaurant
- Barrier-free elevator (gymnasium, park)
- Barrier-free slopes
- Information boards in braille available
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