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Officially Approved by Uji Chamber of Commerce and Industry Local Mascot Character of Uji 「OUJICHAMA in CHACHA-KINGDOM」

Place of Birth

Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture

Favorite food

Maccha (green tea) Ice Cream

Favorite beverage

Maccha (green tea) (A very bitter kid)

Favorite color

Green, obviously.


Ever since he learned how to crawl


He is a tea sommelier (stunning!).


He is the 88th prince of Chacha Kingdom. On his head is a throne that resembles a tea whisk, and on his mantle is a large embroidery that says “茶” (tea). He is always sucking on “Ocha(sha)buri” (pacifier) that tastes like green tea while working hard to appeal Uji tea to the world.

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