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Explanation of icons
Explanation of icons
  • Hanayashiki Ukifune-en
  • Hanayashiki Ukifune-en
  • Hanayashiki Ukifune-en
  • Hanayashiki Ukifune-en
  • Hanayashiki Ukifune-en

“Uji-no-sato where flowers bloom beautifully”, changing of times always hides something romantic…
Please enjoy the rich taste that Takehisa Yumeji loved very much while soaking yourself in the beautiful sight of the Ujigawa river.

Since founded back in 1895, “Hanayashiki Ukifune-en” keeps its history and pride. The name “Hanayashiki (a mansion of flowers)” comes from all kinds of western flowers blooming around it. Our lobby, surrounded by glass windows, and the view from the rooms take our guests on a journey from everyday life. Please enjoy our delicious dishes that were loved by many writers after relaxing in “Sawarabi-no-yu (open-view bath)” and “Houou-no-yu (large bath)”…

31-4 Uji Tokawa, Uji City
Checkin: 16:00, Checkout: 10:00
(11:00 depending on your accommodation plan)
Japanese restaurant SATORI 11:30~14:00 (Last order at 13:30)
Steak House Hanayashiki Lunch 11:30~14:00 Dinner 17:00~21:00
◆Accommodation Plan (for one person with tax excluded)
One night ¥9,000 ~ ¥12,000 per person (2 adult guests)
One night with breakfast ¥10,000 ~ ¥13,000 per person (2 adult guests)
One night with two meals ¥18,000 ~ ¥50,000 per person (2 adult guests)
*Price may change on Fridays, Saturdays, and other days before holidays.
*Day-use plan with lunch/dinner, wedding plan at a world heritage available
Lunch ¥3,500~ Dinner ¥8,000~ (tax excluded)
Kyoto cuisines, Kyoto style dishes, steak, charcoal-grilled dishes, course dishes, wedding plans, day-use plans, etc…
Steak house Hanayashiki: every Thursday
Available, free of charge 20cars
Wi-Fi and Internet
Available all the rooms
Accommodation: 0774-21-2126
Japanese restaurant SATORI: 0774-21-2126  
Steak House Hanayashiki: 0774-23-1515
Sumiyaki Roan: 0774-23-2525
- Japanese restaurant SATORI
Please enjoy our authentic Kyoto style cuisine dishes while enjoying the excellent view of the Ujigawa riverside.
- Steak House Hanayashiki
A steak restaurant with a calm atmosphere that is reformed from a tea house.
Please enjoy our carefully selected high-quality Japanese beef.
- Sumiyaki Roan
Please take off your shoes and relax in our relaxing atmosphere. We serve charcoal-grilled dishes with an appetizing aroma. Private karaoke rooms available.
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